The rise Of Autonomous Robots In Service Industries

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The hospitality and tourism industries have seen a stark rise in the use of Robotics but since the recent pandemic, sales have increased considerably, not only have they been used to cope with the social distancing measures but they have also been used as a solution for reduced staff levels.

One of the main reasons service robots have emerged as a popular technology trend within the hospitality industry is because ideas of automation and self-service are playing an important role in customer experience.

Chatbots can allow hotels to provide 24 hour support through instant messaging or online chat. This not only improves customer service but means there is always a response even when staff are not available.

Henn-na Hotel in Japan became the first hotel to be entirely staffed by robots, they are deployed to provide information, storage, check in and check out services using voice technology and facial recognition.

Similarly Connie the Robot is a concierge Robot used by the Hilton Hotel and by making real use of an artificial intelligence platform designed by IBM, the robot can interact with guests and using speech recognition technology, can respond to questions guests may ask.

Airports are also making real and successful use of robots by providing information, navigation and directions. Other industries are fast jumping on board and travel agencies and restaurants are also incorporating their capabilities into their everyday service.

Amy Waitress is being widely used in Restaurants and bars to take orders, deliver foods and interact with guests, greatly enhancing the dining experience. Eva photography Robot is being used for weddings and events to take pictures, interact with guests and provide that wow factor for any event.


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