Robot Waiters Proving Invaluable During The Recent Pandemic.

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The Service Robots market is estimated to grow from 37 Billion USD in 2020 to 102.5 Billion by 2025. Any restaurants across the world have already invested in Service Robots including Robot waitress to deliver and serve food.

The Robots offer improved customer experience for many establishments but with the recent pandemic, they are offering solutions for many of the problems businesses are facing during this crisis. Robots are incredibly useful at maintaining Social distancing rules and although Humans will still be part of the serving process, Service robots will certainly help maintain customer confidence.

Service robots are being used to serve food, clear tables and take empty plates and glasses away to be washed but they are also incredibly useful in areas such as the kitchen where they can mop floors, wash dishes and tidy areas. This will become increasingly useful when restaurants are able to fully function again, not just for customers but for staff who will consistently have to adhere to social distancing rules.

Many restaurants will have to follow limited guest amounts when it comes to reopening and many will only be allowed to have a certain amount of guests within their restaurant at any one time depending on the size 0f the establishment. Service Robots can be easily programmed to map out restaurant floor plans meaning they can safely navigate a specific area in order to serve guests. There are now more service robots on the market than ever before and many can carry several loads of food orders at one time, this is especially good at limiting the contact staff have with food giving greater assurance to customers.

Service robots are not there to replace humans but they are working incredibly well alongside them, they give staff the opportunity to interact more on a personal level with customers whilst allowing the Robots to serve.


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