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Our marketing started a robotics research promotion last week that will offer the following:

  • Panda
  • Gripper
  • FCI
  • Prototyping App Package (formerly the “Research App Package”)
robot arm

Our pricing to universities is £22500. This is currently valid until mid November.

Each robotics research package includes:

• Franka Emika Robot: the system that features our 7 DOF, fully torque-controlled robot Arm (datasheet).
• Hand: our fully integrated 2-finger gripper with exchangeable fingertips.
• FCI: the ideal interface to explore low-level programming and control schemes, providing the current status of the robot and enables its direct torque control at 1 kHz. Integration with the most popular ecosystems ROS, MATLAB & Simulink and Nvidia Isaac is included!
• DESK: the high-level workflow-based programming interface, optimal for rapid prototyping and easy-to-use applications.
• Prototyping AppPackage: pre-programmed encapsulated robotic skills that can be combined together in Desk, to automate entire tasks in no time (details).
• NEW! RIDE: the development environment for writing custom Desk Apps and connecting third-party hardware and external resources.
• NEW! 3D-Lab: a web-based user interface to design 3D-printable fingertips, for an ideal, ad hoc object grip with your Franka Emika Hand. Exactly as you need it!
• NEW! franka_matlab: the MATLAB & Simulink toolbox that builds on FCI to allow intuitive 1 kHz real-time control of your Franka Emika robots through Simulink, and the fastest way to evaluate your algorithms on a real robot.
• NEW! Much more on Hub* – the new section of Franka World – where you can access robotics research documentation, tutorials and code!

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