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3 ways robotics can make your NYE party one to remember

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As we head into the festive season, many of us will be looking ahead to the fabulous parties we have in our diary. Lots of people go one step further and actually put on awesome parties for friends to enjoy. New Year’s Eve is one night when lots of get-togethers happen and many parties are thrown. This means that you need to make sure yours is the one people want to come to and will remember throughout next year.

One superb way of achieving this is robot hire. Hiring a robot to wow guests with at your New Year’s Eve party is a sure-fire way to make it all go swimmingly. But just how can robotics help you do this?

Robot DJ

The first thing you could think about hiring is a robot DJ! You may not have heard of these before but they are now available to use at parties. Robot DJs not only look cool but will give your NYE event a unique feel which everyone will love. Of course, they are also much easier to control than a human DJ. Just program in which songs you want playing and they will get to work.

Robot photography

Hiring a robot to take photos for you is also another fantastic way robotics can make your party more memorable. These machines are fitted with sensors to help them to move around the room safely while taking photos. They are also fitted with high-resolution cameras to ensure only the best shots are taken. photobooth Robots like this are simple to operate thanks to their touchscreen design and they even have social media functionality built into them.

Robot waitress

If you plan to serve food at your party, hiring a robot waitress makes sense. They not only give a fresh feel to your event but also give your guests something unique to interact with. Whether it is canapes or full meals, these robots will not only serve guests efficiently but also give them an experience to remember. If you are putting on a charity or commercial event, using a robot waitress will certainly get you talked about for all the right reasons.

Robot hire with

If you are planning a New Year’s Eve party and need a way to make it really stand out, why not think about hiring one of the above robots? Not only are they affordable and easy to operate but they will make your event really shine. Call today on 01384 389317 for more information.


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