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The Eva Photo Robot is a great addition for any event and if you are looking for something different, the market is just getting started. The Eva photograph Robot is ideal for any event and not only will she autonomously wonder around and engage with your guests but any pictures taken can be shared and uploaded to social media. Much like a conventional photo booth, the pictures can also be printed via a print station situated in the room.

The market and demand for robot hire is rapidly increasing with Party hosts, especially those that are looking for something a little different. The Photo robot hire is not only ideal for Wedding and events but the market is wide open for Corporate events, Parties, Proms, and Product launches. The screen options can be customized with Company Logo’s, branded video’s and various greetings.

The Robot hire is also fantastic for exhibition hire where the Robot will autonomously roam and interact with your customers capturing data and emails, smart mapping also allows you to have control over where your photography robot can go at any one time.

Other ranges of Robots include the Amy Waitress where the robot can be programmed to deliver drinks to your guests whilst interacting at the same time. The Eva Survey robot which will ask your guests if they would like to take a survey. This is a fantastic way for you to collect information whilst still entertaining your guests.

If you are looking for an exciting business idea, why not invest in Robot hire and be one of the first to wow your party hosts with this exciting way to not just take great pictures but also to add something extra special to their event.
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