A photography robot will take your event to the next level

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Finding the perfect photographer can be tough for any sort of event. Having to find someone who has the same vision you do, who will get the images to you in a timely manner without any kind of delay seems almost impossible. But photography robots change all of that.

Whether it’s a wedding, product launch, or a birthday party, robot photography is a completely autonomous option that can follow your visions to a tee. They can move around your event freely, using their infrared sensors to avoid any obstacles it may meet, taking the perfect candid shots without you even realising it was there.

But don’t worry, if you want to pose for pictures, that’s easy too. The photography robot has a touch screen you can use, which will also allow you to print images the moment they are taken, as well as giving you the option to post from the robot straight to your social media page. It’s never been easier to share your memories with the people you’re close to and make sure any guests at the event have instant access to their favourite images of the night.

If that wasn’t enough, the photography robot’s features are easily customised, with the option to have branded videos, company logos and altering greetings to help fully immerse your guests and truly give them an experience to remember.

Other features include facial recognition and smart mapping, allowing the robot to get in the perfect position to take the perfect shots, photos that you and your guests will cherish forever.

So often after great events, people will be disappointed that they didn’t take enough photos and that they might not see the professional photos for months later, but the photography robot takes that out of the equation, allowing your guests to fully enjoy the experience you have created for them, knowing that they won’t have to worry about capturing memories because the robot has it covered. Robot Hire Robot Hire Robot Hire

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