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Pepper the Robot

Robots are becoming more and more a part of the way we live our lives, and thanks to certain breakthroughs in technology they’re even becoming a larger part of how we interact. Enter Pepper, a robot designed to read facial expressions and understand human moods – with Pepper robot technology has taken a huge leap forward.

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A leap in interactivity

Pepper isn’t a robot designed to perform laborious tasks over and over again. Pepper has been designed from the ground up to be interactive and welcoming to people, at all manner of locations. Pepper’s platform is open and fully programmable, to allow enterprising developers to explore new and exciting applications for Pepper.

Four microphones are found in the head, allowing Pepper to understand human speech in a variety of languages, while two HD cameras are located in the forehead and mouth respectively. This allows Pepper to “see” who he is talking to, and make a determination on their mood based on their facial expressions. Pepper has 20 degrees of freedom to move in as natural and fluid a way possible, making interaction even more seamless and intuitive.

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Where is Pepper used?

Pepper’s natural welcoming nature is seeing him currently being used in offices around the UK, and the wider world. Pepper’s roles involve providing a welcome to visitors, arrange for the making of drinks, track and push alerts for meetings, and even chat to clients.

Pepper’s use is even wider than that, however, and he can currently be found working in all manner of commercial establishments. Banks, hospitals and other medical facilities, and even restaurants and schools are all using Pepper to the best of his abilities.

Pepper is even finding favour amongst private buyers, making himself useful throughout many Japanese homes.

How can you hire Pepper?

Robot hire is a fast-growing industry, and Pepper’s place in it is already assured. If you want to hire Pepper the robot, you should get in contact with today.

Pepper offers an exciting opportunity, whether it’s as an unconventional yet highly efficient way of greeting customers in your business premises, or as a way of causing a stir at your local trade show. Robotics is an industry prime for a revolution, and it makes sense to get involved now.

Hiring Pepper the robot for your business, organisation, or function couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is contact today to discuss your options.

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