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How The Service Robots Industry Will Increase Over The Next 5 Years.

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It is predicted that from the 1 million Robots sold for enterprise in 2020, its predicted that over half of them will be professional Service Robots generating more than 30% more revenue than in 2019.  With regard to enterprise spending the professional service Robots sector is growing more rapidly than the industrial Robots Sector.


The industrial Robots market is not exactly suffering and will continue to also increase by 9% in 2020 on 2019 figures but Service Robots are leading the way and we are to see a massive potential in growth over the next 5 years.


Service robots take many forms and perform many tasks including photography Robots which can be placed in both corporate and Event settings. The Eva Photography Robot is one such Robot which will autonomously navigate around an event interacting with guests and taking photographs which can be saved, printed or shared.  The Event market is ready for this innovative change and more people are now looking to hire the Photography Robot to add the wow factor to their event.


The Eva Survey Robot is another example of how service robots can be used in corporate settings to capture emails and data. Many Larger Companies and many in the retail sector are realizing the value of having an autonomous Robot to capture their data. Many find it easier and more receptive to human interaction meaning more data is often captured using the Robots than with traditional Data capturing exercises using humans.


Service Robots have been around for some time but the recent advancements in wireless connectivity and technology mean the market is now flourishing.  Service Robots have also dropped considerably in price over the last couple of years meaning they are far more affordable to a wider audience and anyone wanting to take advantage of this rapidly growing market.






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