Robot photographer leaves traditional magic mirrors and photobooths standing

Posted By: have released a new robot which provides photo and survey capabilities in one. Eva, the new service robot, is able to move around a venue and locate guests using an advanced facial recognition system. She then asks if guests would like their photo taken, providing lots of fun options, like a magic mirror, to make the photos really memorable. The photos can be easily uploaded to social media or printed out at a print station in the room for guests to take away with them.

Photobooths and magic mirrors have traditionally been popular entertainments at parties and special events, but the industry has grown stale, with new releases offering very little in the way of novelty. Magic mirrors which are different shapes and static photobooths that offer different functions just don’t stir up the enthusiasm that they once did. With the launch of Eva, a robot which provides both photography and surveying services, are shaking up the industry and providing customers with a new and exciting prospect in robot hire.

A spokesperson for commented that “Photobooths and magic mirrors have become predictable with the only difference being the size or shape, The Las Vegas Photobooth show demonstrated the same things as last year, but in a different shape. Guests at an event just aren’t impressed with the same old things. A robot photographer makes an event so much more special and memorable. It really brings an event to life and you can guarantee that it will be a talking point for your guests. The extra element of a robot photographer’s ability to interact with guests is what really gives it the wow factor. As well as providing you and your guests with a lasting memory of that special day, it adds to the excitement of the event itself.”

Eva the robot is able to provide both traditional photographs and enhanced images with lots of entertaining options for guests to choose from. She has a large colour touchscreen which makes her even easier to interact with. As she roams around the room, guests are far more likely to get involved with her than with a traditional photobooth or magic mirror. Eva is also an asset at corporate events as photos can be branded. Added to this, the surveying capability of the robot makes it a valuable tool in data collection.

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