How robotic Restaurants Will Be The Future.

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Robot Automation within factories has increased steadily over the last five years and is set to continue but the real rise has been in the service Robot Industry.  The global Robotics market is expected to attain an estimated value of 147.26 Billion.  Organisations worldwide are realizing the potential and are investing heavily in the service Robots Market.


Service Robots are used for many applications but more recently are finding their way into Restaurants, Retail stores and for marketing purposes in Companies and Seminars.


The decreasing costs of equipment such as Sensors and the advancements in technology most notably A1 software have all contributed to the massive increase in Robotic applications especially in fields such as Restaurants and Shopping Malls.  Robots not only provide an ease with which to deliver foods in places such as Restaurants but they also improve greatly the overall experience of Diners.


Restaurants have been using Cobots since the early 1970’s, often referred to as automats, Cobots are designed to work alongside Humans and are designed to perform simple tasks such as vending food or vending drinks which can both be described as Cobots as the processes are fully automated.


Cobots and Robots are now being used to prepare dishes and deliver food to tables, interacting with guests and taking food orders much the same as a waitress would do. The main incentive for Restaurants is reducing and minimizing repetitive tasks, keeping kitchen areas clean and even washing utensils.


The experience for Diners is much enhanced with the use of Robots and the time greatly reduced for ordering foods. The general overall experience is also a very positive one, ensuring that restaurants that invest heavily in Service Robots will thrive.


Service Robots will continue to thrive and increase in the hospitality sector over the next five years and businesses will invest heavily to ensure their business is the best and not left behind others. Service Robots will also increase in Shopping Centres and be used heavily within the hospitality and business Sectors.



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