How Service Robots Are Transforming Enterprise.

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The market for Service Robots is growing significantly, this is largely due to market readiness, advancement in technologies, cost and availability and delivered value. Businesses are understanding more how Robots can help increase productivity and efficiency and increase safety.

The major leap forward in the service Robots Market has been the technology, the service Robot technology has evolved considerably over the past few years which now allows Robots to perform several tasks which would normally be carried out by Humans.

Service Robots are used within many establishments such as restaurants, shopping Centre’s, Business Conferences and within the events industry. The Amy Photo is an example of one Robot that is predominately used within the events industry to take Photographs, the Eva Photography Robot will roam autonomously, interact with guests and enhance customer experience. The Amy Waitress Robot is an example of a Robot which is used in Restaurant sectors to deliver food, drinks and interact with Customers.

Service Robots are becoming increasingly popular in Hotels and one Hotel in South Korea (Novotel Ambassador Seoul Dongdaemun) has announced it will deploy a Robot helper powered by artificial intelligence and 5G. The Robot has the capabilities and will be used to deliver items to guest rooms using 3d mapping, autonomous driving and a Smart Camera.

The market for Robots in food preparation is also growing steadily and is set to increase over the next five years. More recently convenience store Lawson unveiled a Robot that is capable of preparing Fried Chicken by itself. With labor shortages in Japan, the average convenience store Salary has risen considerably and this is one major reason Robots will be used more commonly in Restaurant settings.


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