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Coronavirus And UVC Disinfectant Robots

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There is a lot of information on the internet concerning the effectiveness of UV in the fight against Covid-19. Sunlight contains two types of UV, the first being UVA which can penetrate deep into your skin. This part of UV can be particularly dangerous and is considered responsible for the ageing effects on the skin. The second part of the  UV is UBV which can damage the DNA in our skin and often leads to sunburn.


There is a third type of UVC which consists of a more energetic and shorter wavelength of light.  It is particularly effective at destroying genetic material whether viral particles or in humans.  This type of UVC is filtered out by ozone in the atmosphere long before it reaches us.


In 1878 scientists discovered they could harness UVC to kill microorganisms, this resulted in artificially produced UVC to be used in hospitals and care homes as a form of disinfectant. When used against Coronaviruses such as SARS,  the radiation warps the structure of the genetic material and as a result of this, concentrated forms of UVC are on the front line in the fight again coronavirus.


UVC emitting robots and disinfectant Robots are also being used in many public settings to effectively clean floors and surfaces. Hospitals, banks and care homes are just a few of the places that are using the UVC emitting Robots but demand is high and many Companies are struggling with the demand and running out of supplies.  It is thought other settings such as Supermarkets and leisure facilities will also have a high demand.


To use UVC correctly you need specialist equipment and Companies supplying it are fast running out of their supplies.  Although it is too soon for many studies to have been completed on the effectiveness of using UVC in the fight on Coronavirus specifically,  studies on other Coronaviruses such as SARS have shown that it is effective in warping the structure of their genetic material.






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