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Robot Cleaners Fight Coronavirus In China

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Keeping surfaces free of the COVID-19 virus is a vital part of stopping its spread. From regular hand washing through to washing down frequently touched surfaces with a bleach solution and minimising contact with high-traffic features such as handles and rails, most people are clear what’s needed to reduce infection risk. Whilst these measures work well in the home, keeping hospital rooms in pristine condition is a far more challenging task.

Given the high likelihood that coronvirus is likely to be found in hospitals, effective cleaning is vital. Unfortunately, manual cleaning isn’t just time-consuming, it can be dangerous, with the potential for the virus to be passed on to cleaners as they work. In these circumstances, a Disinfectant Robot that can complete a cleaning regime that kills 99.99% of germs (including viruses and bacteria) would be a perfect solution. Fortunately, a robot that does exactly that is already up and running!

UV – the perfect disinfectant

The Disinfectant Robot has been developed to emit UVC light. This obliterates virtually all known viruses and germs in just a few minutes. Equipped with lidars as well as a mechanism to emit the light, the robot can complete its cleaning duties completely autonomously, once it’s been programmed. Initially, it needs to be guided around the area that needs cleaning, as well as being “shown” which surfaces need cleaning. This information is all input into the robot’s computer, which “memorises” it. Once this has been done, the robot will be able to find its way to the location to be cleaned, emit UVC light in the right quantities and positions to clean the room, then return to its charging point.

UV and coronavirus

Just like other viruses, coronavirus is found to be seriously compromised by UVC light. Although the light is damaging to humans (which is why it’s unsuitable for manual use, except in highly controlled circumstances), the robot is unaffected. In addition, motion sensors ensure that the light is safely deactivated as soon as a human is detected nearby. Already proving of value in the fight against COVID-19 in Wuhan, Robot UV disinfection cleaners have the potential to play an effective role in reducing infection rates in high-risk locations.

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