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3 ways that robots can add a unique twist to your wedding

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These days, weddings keep getting grander and more elaborate with every year that passes. You might find yourself invited to a wedding abroad or discover that your best friend’s opted for nuptials on the beach. If you’re looking for a way to make your wedding truly unique and original, however, then robots are the twenty-first century way to achieve that goal. Whether you’re a technology lover and a fan of movies featuring sci-fi robots, or are just looking for another way to make sure that your wedding is never forgotten, we’ve put together three ways that robots can revolutionise your wedding.

1. Cater to all of your guests with a robot waitress

You’ve likely been to many weddings with professional wait staff in smart suits, but have you ever had your three-course meal served by a robot waitress? Move into the modern age with one of our robotic servers who can bring a smile of amazement to the faces of all of your guests. This robot isn’t just for show, however, but is capable of acting as an interactive assistant. You can opt to have one stationed at the seating chart to help guests, as well as selecting several to bring food and drink to the tables.

2. Select a robot to mingle with your guests

The robot waitress isn’t just useful during your main wedding sit-down meal but can be used right from when your guests arrive at the reception. The robot waitress can move throughout the crowd and offer all of your attendees finger food and get them started with their drinks. Rather than having waiters personally interrupt conversations to offer guests items, you can have a robot waitress continually move around the room and allow guests to select what they want at their own discretion. There’s no better way to ensure that everyone has a relaxed environment that is perfect for socialising.

3. Upgrade from the traditional wedding photo booth

If you want to hear your guests reminisce for years about how phenomenal your wedding was, consider opting for an Eva Photography Robot. This device will take pictures at your event, but also provides an intuitive touch screen to allow guests to share images across social media. Your wedding won’t just have its own hashtag but will be trending immediately with this nifty gadget capturing your big day.

For more information about hiring robots at your wedding or another event, contact us at Service Robots today.


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