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Massive Growth In Mobile Robots.

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ABI Research has predicted that the robotics Industry is set for seismic change and of the 8 million Robots forecast to be shipped by 2030, 6 million will be mobile.


The robotics Market is set to transform over the next 10 years with enormous growth across all sub-sectors with an estimated market value of 277 billion by 2030. The growth however will not be distributed evenly and by 2022 the burgeoning mobile robotics space will start to overtake the industrial Robotics market.


Mobile Robotics will touch every sector of the Global economy whilst mobile autonomy concentrates on material handling within the supply chain. Amazon Robotics leads the way when it comes to Mobile Robotics and with an estimated 256,000 automated guided vehicles deployed to date, Amazon holds 50% of material handling Robot market share and is fast broadening its portfolio.


Similarly the revenue for all mobile Robotics is estimated to exceed 224 billion by 2030.   Leading the way for mobile Robotics is French Manufacturer Balyo and the many opportunities are leading vehicle manufacturers such as Toyota, Yale and Hyster to partner with Robotics companies to offer the best automation to manufacturers.


Maintenance and Cleaning will see a massive increase in mobile Robotics, it is estimated there are currently 5000 autonomous floor scrubbers in US Retail stores and Commercial buildings.


As mature sectors of the Robotics Industry achieve more growth along with increasing technology markets, mobile Robotics will transform the effects across the supply chain and will become ubiquitous throughout the global Community.


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