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Why your restaurant needs a robot waitress this Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. As well as being an important date for lovebirds up and down the country, it has the potential to be an extremely successful night for any restaurant. If you’re looking to attract people to your eatery and want the night to be a roaring success on February 14th, then how about renting a robot waitress? This mechanical member of staff – which can do everything from serving drinks to playing music – would make a welcome addition to your premises, if only for one night. Let’s take a look at three great reasons to hire a robot waitress for your restaurant this Valentine’s Day.


It’s often hard to stand out from the crowd on Valentine’s Day. There are so many couples looking to dine out, but often so few options that are truly unique. Rather than play it safe with red mood lighting and heart-shaped balloons, you can set your establishment apart by advertising a robot waitress. This will surely turn heads and ensure that you’re fully booked up on one of the most important nights on the calendar.


Yes, from your perspective you’ll be unburdening the load from your current staff by having a robot waitress in the mix. However, you’ll also be improving the dining experience of those couples with bookings. After all, Valentine’s Day is about intimacy. Those who are dining will appreciate that they’re able to bask in each other’s company without being so regularly interrupted by a human member of staff.


A robot waitress is guaranteed to spark conversation amongst diners. This is extremely important because it’s another way that people’s romance can develop as they laugh and become intrigued by their robotic server. Ultimately, it could help their relationship take the next step. What does this mean for you? Well, it means your restaurant becomes an established hotspot where couples – no matter what stage they’re at in their relationship – know that they can go to have a good time.

You know you want to!

Valentine’s Day is your opportunity to finally experience just how beneficial it can be to hire a robot waitress. Therefore, don’t wait to see what’s on offer at Service Robots.


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