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The Eva Photobooth Robot

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If you have an existing Photo Booth or Magic Mirror business and are looking for something a little different to add to your business, why not purchase the Eva Photo Robot. The Eva Photo Robot will roam autonomously and interact with your guests as well as taking Photo’s and giving your guests the option to share or print them at the event.

The Eva photo Robot also has an integrated touch screen with social media and text messaging enabled. A print station in the room will also print pictures if your guests prefer or they can be saved and uploaded and shared.

The Eva Photo Robot has facial recognition and will roam autonomously interacting with your guests as she goes, smart mapping is also available allowing you to control where the robot can and should go. The Robot is also equipped with infrared sensors to achieve precise indoor navigation and obstacle avoidance.

Any business whether it be a photography, Magic mirror or photo booth business needs to ensure they have the edge when it comes to cornering the market and having something a little different that will stand out from the crowd will certainly ensure you do this. The Eva Photo Robot will wow the guests and is suitable for all events whether that be a Wedding, Birthday Party or Bar Mitzvah.

Other models that are becoming incredibly popular are the Robot Waitress and the Eva Survey Robot, both of which are proving incredibly popular in setting such as Airports, Restaurants and Corporate events. The Survey robot in particular is incredibly useful for capturing accurate Data at corporate events which means your business can thrive and grow.


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