Introducing UK’s Largest Supplier Of Robots For The Entertainment Industry.

Posted By: is a leading provider when offering and developing new and unique machines including service Robots.  The Eva Photo Robot and the Amy Waitress are both ideal for Weddings and Events with the Eva Waitress being particularly popular in venue’s such as Airports and Restaurants.


Additionally also provide the Humanoid Robot which has multiple uses including reception, advertising and entertainment. The Amy Plus Robot is an ideal and unique interactive service Robot.


Robot hire is a new and emerging trend within the UK and is set to overtake the popularity of the standard Photo booths which are prominent within the market at the moment.  Party hosts are looking for something a little different that will wow their guests and the Eva Robot is ideal for this. The Robot will roam autonomously around your event and will interact with your customers, capturing photos and information, guests can then either choose to share their photos or print them.


The Eva Robot not only wow’s your guests but will set a new and innovative tone for your event, making it stand out. The Eva Waitress has many uses and can be positioned in reception areas, used for advertising, entertainment and is perfect for the hospitality environment. works hard to stay ahead of the game and bring out new and innovative products for the entertainment market.   We also stay ahead with software progress and ensure we have the very best software installed to meet your needs.  We have an exciting year ahead where new partnerships will be developed and new projects undertaken.


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