The Service Robots market Size Will Continue To Rapidly Grow.

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The service robots market is set to increase dramatically backed by the advances of artificial intelligence A1, along with the introduction of 5g telecom services and advanced technology providers who are engaged in delivering advanced, integrated and comprehensive designs for a wide array of robotic solutions.

June 2020, Qualcomm introduced the first 5g and A1 based platform for professional and industrial service applications. The advances in technology have come at a time when the pandemic has had a huge economic impact across the world, affecting manufacturing and many other industries irreversibly.

Companies such as ABB are already facing losses from certain industries and are reporting a significant year on year decline by more than 20 per cent from robotics and automation businesses.

In April 2020 a few Japanese start- ups created medical robots that were designed to take patients temperatures, similarly in May 2020 IPsoft and global DWS corporation joined together to manufacture a disinfection Robot which can eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses from specific areas.

It is predicted that overall the service robots market is set to increase dramatically and create a positive impact going forward. The adoption of robots in general across a wide range of sectors mainly medical, agricultural, defense and many others has streamlined and revolutionized workflow processes.

Service robots trends are mainly being driven by the technological advancements converging in automation, artificial intelligence, engineering and machine learning and according to the federation of robotics, it is estimated that the number of robots have increased three fold over the past two decades. This newly introduced trend will also aid the global stock of Robots to multiply faster within the next twenty years.

The productivity and economic expansion of developing countries will also grow as a result and service robots will create massive opportunities across all industrial sectors.


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