Is The UK Heading For A Post Pandemic Boom Like The 1920’s After The Spanish Flu

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The late 1910s were perplexing times for humanity. Even as the world celebrated the end of World War I, an invisible enemy was conquering Europe, the Americas, and other continents. By the time it dissipated and lost “steam”, Spanish flu had infected a record 500 million people worldwide and killed an estimated 17 million; some estimates put the number at 100 million! The UK alone recorded over 228,000 deaths.

In the years that followed, the UK witnessed frenzied economic activity, so much so that the next decade came to be known as the “roaring twenties.”

Many parallels can be drawn between the era-defining pandemic of the twentieth century, the Spanish Flu, and what is likely being called the defining crisis of our generation, the COVID19 pandemic.

Bank of England predicts that the UK will witness the most vigorous economic growth in the past 70 years at an incredible rate of 7.25%, firmly jettisoning its GDP to pre-COVID levels.

A Stronger UK Will Embark on a Spending Boom
The blistering pace of the UK’s vaccination program has been hailed as one of the most successful in the world. As the country’s soon-to-be virus-resistant population, whose potential has been stymied for well over a year, emerges out of the lockdown, they will try and make up for the “lost months.”

This attempt to catch up will manifest in the form of heightened activity. Production will witness a tremendous boost; businesses will double down on their marketing and client outreach efforts; conventions, conferences, and other business events will return with a vengeance; consumers will grab every opportunity to socialize with friends, family, and acquaintances.

As a consequence of all of this, consumer spending and business spending will touch new heights, unheard of even in the pre-COVID years.

Think of the mad shopping rush right before Christmas and normalize it for the entire year – that’s what the UK will see in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Food & Wine Festivals, and More
With nothing to do during pandemic lockdowns, UK consumers have saved a staggering £18.5 billion in January alone. That’s the money saved on transportation, fashion, food, drinks, parties, gifts, grooming, and so on.

When the consumers finally emerge out of their homes, they’ll have all this money and several months’ worth of suppressed desires. A spending spree will follow.

Every party that was shelved, every wedding that was postponed, every anniversary that was celebrated in the living room will find its way to restaurants, hotels, convention halls, and resorts. Many of us will be happy to have a reason for indulging in our guilty pleasures.

For businesses ravaged by lockdown restrictions, such as restaurants, event venues, and so on, the post-COVID spending spree will offer a golden opportunity to recover from their slump and register record growths.

Preparing for the Rise of Events
The latest data corroborates the above predictions. Photo booths, magic mirrors, and photography robots have witnessed a 400% growth in sales, according to The more enterprising event venues and restaurants are hiring photography robots on-demand to offer their guests a novel and exciting experience at events.

As the UK populace emerges from the lockdown, these slick machines will welcome them with their “exotic” appeal. We can already see signs of photography robots becoming the mainstay of hospitality businesses in the UK and the post-pandemic economic boom will make them a norm across the length and breadth of the country.

Is Your Photography Robot Ready for the Challenge?
The year 2021 will witness the photography robots evolve from novel party attractions to event prerequisites as event planners and customers increasingly demand their presence at their events. Hospitality businesses that intend to capitalize on growth opportunities offered by the post-COVID economic boom in the UK should make photography robots a big part of their game plan.


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