Brave New World And Service Robots

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The service sector is at an inflection point and Robotics in combination with rapidly improving technologies such as A1 Artificial intelligence, big data and biometrics, cloud and mobile are bringing masses of opportunities for a wide range of innovations.


Rapidly improving technology means better, smaller, smarter and cheaper will virtually transform all service sectors.  Robotics that are developed, especially those that include camera’s, sensors and speech recognition, analytics and A1 technology will provide the most exciting results.


Although it isn’t quiet understood what impact that service robots will have on the industry, we do know that service robots will impact on a micro level most substantially, the micro level means an impact on customers individual needs. We also know on a macro level (societal level)  service robots will have a substantial affect.


On a micro level, (customer experience) Robots are free from human error, fatigue and respond identically across a service environment.  Service robots will be connected to CRM systems allowing them to identify customers and therefore they are able to provide customized service on scale.


Service robots are predicted to have a significant impact at the market level and in a market economy, cost savings of moving service delivery from frontline employee’s to service robots can be largely competed away and lead to lower prices, improved standards of living and increased consumption.


It is estimated the Robot delivered services will dramatically improve the quality and availability of currently expensive and scarce services which are considered incredibly important to society’s wellbeing.  These services include public transportation, education and healthcare.


We know that customers place value on the service encounter which is a building of trust, rapport and engagement, this provides both emotional and social value but it is estimated that as much as 85 per cent of all customer interactions now take place without a human agent.



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