Robot Trends For The future

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The Pandemic has certainly offered many challenges but at the same time, it has opened up many new opportunities, unforeseen stresses to supply chains have only highlighted the need for greater supply chain efficiencies.


Workforce constraints due to safety and illness have also severely affected various sectors and a frequently asked question going forward, is what are the Robotics predictions for the next five years.


Autonomous Robots have certainly made a name for themselves especially since the pandemic and they have taken on ever more expansive roles in both warehouses and stores.


Data collecting Robots shared real time inventory updates and accurate product location data with mobile shopping Apps, online order pickers alongside employees and in store shoppers.  This is especially key for retail sectors where being able to pinpoint products will have massive effect on productivity.


Autonomous Robots often referred to as service Robots have adapted to many new roles including management, security checks, cleaning and as they progress retailers have increased options for mixing/matching automated workflows to meet different operational needs.


A surge in online shopping during the pandemic  has severely depleted shelf inventory, what we do know is that Robot Automation will play a huge role in any solutions.


The entertainment Industry is also seeing an increased demand for Service Robots not only from an entertainment aspect but because it solves partly the issue with social distancing, providing much needed confidence to both staff and employee’s. UVC Robots are already being employed in sectors such as hospitals, care homes, schools and gyms to offer an extra layer of protection when it comes to cleaning.


Over the last decade, the story of Robotics has been one of falling sensor prices and rapid technology convergence and insiders predict this is unlikely to change in the year ahead. It is highly likely that autonomous robots will be teamed with other in store technologies including fixed cameras, sensors and drones, this is all set to enhance data collection capabilities.


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