The Rise Of Security Robots

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Security Robots are slowly becoming a more common site in places such as Shopping Centre’s, offices, public and outdoor spaces. These are often seen as a replacement for humans but rather than be a replacement for humans they are being used to enhance security and efficiently collect Data. They are able to collect Data more efficiently and quicker than Humans would, for this reason they are often described as more like mobile surveillance machines.

A recent report from OneZero explains the scope of the data collection, the report features marketing material including contracts between various City Councils. The report shows that the main role of service Robots is to collect Data efficiently and the Robots are being manufactured and tailored to meet the needs of different organisations.

The benefits of Robot Security become readily apparent when Robot Security is combined and used alongside Human Security. The Robots can be used to compensate for shortage of staff, carry out routine tasks and working alongside Humans, Security Robots provide a more stable Security environment.

There are many different security Robots and many are manufactured and tailored for different locations and for different environments. Examples of security robots include Person-sized devices equipped with heat senses, employee badge scanners and facial detection used in offices.

Security Robots will continue to increase in many environments over the next five years and rather than replace humans, they are designed to work alongside Humans to enhance and improve Security environments. When it comes to fixing a problem, we will need real people but Robots are great at detecting anomalies something that humans are really not that great at but when Security Robots and humans work side by side the Security results for any company are greatly enhanced.


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