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Why a robot photographer is a great feature at a wedding

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Technology is predicted to revolutionise future wedding days, helping to make the special day extra special and unforgettable. According to the
2018 Bridebook wedding report, technology is becoming an integral part of the wedding celebrations and 11% of couples hope to ‘wow’ their guests with social media content and advanced technology. Photographs are a central part of the wedding celebrations and an average of 3,400 photos are taken at each wedding; how would you feel about a robot photographer taking some of these photos?

Here are three key three reasons why a robot photographer should be at the top of every couple’s wedding planner.

1. Your wedding will stand out from the crowd

Weddings can quickly become boring, especially if they focus more on tradition than creating a truly unique experience. If you want to have the wedding of the century, then you need to think outside the box while planning. A robot photographer is a great way to make your big day stand out as guests are unlikely to have seen anything like it before. It’s a more personal form of fun photography, guaranteed to make guests feel special, as the roaming has facial recognition technology which is able to detect guests and ask if they would like a photo.

2. It’s a great alternative to a photo booth

Photo booths and Magic Mirrors are great fun at weddings but they have been around a few years now, With a robot photographer, the photo booth comes to you, encouraging your guests to take more photos and document more amazing memories. With a robot photographer, you have the option to email, print, text, or even post the photographs straight to social media, which is a much more convenient solution.

3. Photography robots can be customised

These innovative devices are the ultimate in customisation and the front screen can display any text or video message that you desire; this is ideal for couples with a specific wedding theme, which they can then make the robot’s display screen adhere to. Guests can even alter how their photo is taken and there are a variety of filters and frames that they can add to their photos to make them extra special.

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