Service robots are the next big opportunity for rental businesses

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The photo booth industry is about to be shaken up by the arrival of Eva the photography robot. Eva is a mobile photography robot from and she is part of the robot revolution that is sweeping the rental industry.

Photo booths have been a popular rental for events for many years and with good reason. Guests love to record the memories of that special party, wedding or celebration and many businesses have grown up around the industry. Eva, however, leaves static photo booths standing. As she roams around the room, she uses advanced facial recognition to locate people and ask to take their photos. As Eva is not static, but interacts with guests, she provides a more enjoyable and memorable service than a photo booth. As all the photos can then be uploaded and instantly shared on social media, or instantly printed at a print station in the room, she is also more versatile.

The service robot industry has been gaining momentum recently due to new advances in technology, and robots now routinely carry out many automated tasks in industry. Improvements to systems like facial recognition mean that robots are now able to interact with people on a more sophisticated level, making them much more desirable for events and an impactful option for advertising. Because they are too expensive and specialist for most people to purchase for an event, robot hire provides many business opportunities.

A company spokesperson for commented that “Robot hire companies are really starting to take off as a small business”. It’s easy to see why photography robot rentals would be a lucrative new business to invest in. As well as their obvious appeal for celebrations such as weddings and parties, photography robots are very effective for promotions as well. Eva can display branded videos, company logos and give altered greetings, all geared towards the customer’s brand.

Rental businesses must evolve as technology progresses and the rental needs of customers change. Demand for hire of devices like photography robots is on the rise and the opportunity is there to supply this fascinating new field.

Service robot hire is an exciting way forward for new business ideas. As well as the photography robot, also provide waitress robots and information centre robots. For more information about the range of service robots available, visit


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