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4 reasons every event manager should hire a robot
Event management is often cited as one of the most stressful professions. And for good reason. The profession involves juggling multiple tasks, writing and checking countless lists and ensuring that everything runs smoothly, safely and to the agreed deadline.

Unsurprisingly, more and more event managers are utilising AI technology and streamlining their event setup and running procedures by choosing to hire a robot. There are countless benefits to hiring a robot to help you host an event, and the main ones are discussed below.

1. Safety

With everything required to run an event, accidents can sometimes happen. Whether it’s running into someone with a tray of canapes or straining a muscle while heavy lifting.

Hiring a robot to complete many of your event’s manual labour tasks is a safe and practical solution to minimise the chance of accidents and even dodge potential medical or legal costs. Robots not only lessen the risk of human error, they also operate on highly advanced technology, so you can be assured that the process the robot is programmed to do will be completed perfectly.

2. Reliability

Robots are not susceptible to human emotion or distraction. They are programmed to do a set task, in a designated amount of time, and will do just that.

There won’t be distractions from their phone ringing, they won’t find themselves caught up in conversation and they definitely don’t require refreshment breaks. Automated robots rate significantly higher when it comes to reliability than human manual labour.

3. Quality

Robots who perform event tasks will always deliver a quality service. With precise programming, such robots will consistently perform repetitive tasks (and without complaint!).

Repetitive tasks ensure that every process is completed to the same high quality, ensuring all event attendees are happy with their experience. What’s more, the risk of human error or missing process steps due to tiredness or distraction is eliminated.

4. Resources

Contrary to popular belief, robots do not pose a threat to existing jobs, they simply have the potential to change the future of existing jobs – and often for the better.

Not only will resources be freed up, but those who previously performed manual labour jobs will have the ability to take on more stimulating roles such as interacting with customers, clients and guests at events to enhance their experience and enjoyment. supply a high calibre of robots for event hire. From robotic waitresses to advertising robots, service robots provide an AI solution for every event manager’s needs.


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