Making the most of a robotic workforce

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The advent of artificial intelligence in technology has created a paradigm shift in the labour force among different industries. Technology is proving to be useful in terms of efficiency and accuracy, with artificial intelligence prompting the birth of a new world where robots are the best alternatives to human labour in many ways. Robots can now perform operations in hospitals, vehicle services, and provide a crucial role in manufacturing; robots can even be left to perform security and even Robot waitressing duties.

Benefits of robots for hire

Of course, in the early stages of robot technology, owning your own robot can be costly to buy outright and maintain. That’s why many businesses who need robots to perform ad hoc duties find it useful to lease them for the short term. In instances of events and even sales in business, robots can come in handy.

Some robots, such as those with emotion receptor abilities, are useful in welcoming guests to a function and also issuing tickets. Hiring robots can make the event itself quite entertaining since they are capable of holding a basic conversation, helping all guests feel included and adding a novelty factor.

If you are setting up a company or looking to expand, hiring robots can even boost your business’ reputation and mark you out as an innovator who is ready to embrace the future of technology. You could even choose to hire out robots yourself to take advantage of this growing need for robot labour.

Service robots and robot photography

At such events, having a robot to wait on guests, whether to provide canapes, information or take drinks orders is a great way to minimise disruption and error while keeping staffing costs low. However, robots for short-term hire don’t just fulfil waitressing functions.

At events like weddings and parties, or launches of marketing campaigns, photography robots can get precious images of your guests enjoying themselves. The best part is, you don’t have to issue instructions as you do with a traditional photographer, and a robot photographer can be less intrusive, capturing spontaneous shots as well as giving the option to stage photo ops and correct images. Once all the guests have left, cleaning robots can even be employed to clear up after the event.

At Service Robots, we supply a range of different robots for hire suited to different functions, whether wayfinding, photography, entertaining or more. We also offer business opportunities for setting up a company using robots. For information, get in touch today.


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