Robot Restaurants Are The Future

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The global Robotics market is expected to attain a value of 147.26 Billion Dollars with a CAGR of 17.24% at the end of a forecasted period from 2017-2025.  Many organisations are now realizing the potential of robotics for their organisations and are heavily investing.


Cobots are an advanced robot specifically designed to work alongside humans, cobots have been in use since the 1970’s and were referred to as automats, being able to perform simple tasks such as serving vending machine food. A drinks machine would be referred to as a cobot as the process is fully automated.


However recent advancements in technology mean that cobots can do so much more and restaurants are already leveraging cobots for simplifying food orders and payment options.


There are many benefits to using cobots in restaurants, they can be used to prepare dishes by using accurate proportions of ingredients, greatly minimizing errors and wastage.  This helps restaurants draw a larger crowd from various backgrounds, increasing revenue.


Robot automation and Cobots in restaurants are great for the automation of repetitive tasks such as washing utensils, serving food to customers and keeping the kitchen areas clean.


One of the leading advantages of robot automation in restaurants is enhancing the customer experience. Cobots will speed up processes in restaurants and diners get a faster check in and check out time.  They also provide an engaging experience for Diners, especially the humanoid Robots such as the Amy Waitress which will roam autonomously, take customer’s orders, interact with customers, deliver food and return plates back to the kitchen.


The rise of the Robot Restaurant is inevitable, with the advancements in technology and lower prices, Robots in restaurants will be more commonplace. Restaurants are striving to have a balance between automation and manual workforce and as Robot Restaurants become more common, it will be the human-operated Restaurants that will achieve niche status.


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