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Why you should hire Eva Photo Robot for your next event

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Robot hire is a superb way to make your event or show go with a bang. Robotics are still new and exciting for a lot of people, what could cause more of a stir than having your very own branded robot that guests can actually interact with?

Enter Eva Photography Robot 

Cutting edge technology

RoboThespian is a fully interactive customer service robot. Designed from the ground up to provide high-quality interactions and intuitive controls, Eva Photo Robot is guaranteed to make your next event truly memorable.

Eva is 5’2 tall and offers realistic human-like look, all fully powered, along with three powered body axis. Functionality is at the heart of Eva – a fully-interactive touchscreen kiosk provides customers, guests, and visitors access to Eva range of features. A standard browser-based UI provides seamless interaction for all users.

Eva can easily be adapted to carry your business branding. Ten minutes of pre-animated content is available – all you need to do is provide the script and the audio, and Eva can relate your message repeatedly. LCD eye-screens and auto jaw and speech movements make interacting with Eva as real as possible. Audio files can be uploaded, to make sure Eva speaks with the voice of your brand.

This is just the start of what Eva can do – get in touch with the specialists at Servicerobots.com to for the full specification.

A wise investment

Robot hire is always a sensible investment for any business wanting to cause a stir at their next event. Banners, marketing, and cohesive branding are all essential – but none of them provide the buzz and the stir that a service robot can provide.

Eva can wander the floor of your event and engage with visitors, without needing to be constantly managed or controlled. Full branding opportunities mean Eva can carry your message – relaying it exactly as you want it, every time.

Robotics is still in its infancy – it’s a new and exciting technology, and the look of surprise and delight on visitors’ faces as they interact is something you can’t achieve through any other means. It’s a unique kind of publicity that will only serve to further benefit your business.

Eva is designed with user-friendliness in mind. So there are lots of customisation options, as well as full support and diagnostics for your peace of mind.

To learn more, or to hire Eva for your next event, simply Contact Us/ reach out to Servicerobots.com today.


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