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Are you stuck for ideas about how to make your brand stand out at an upcoming trade show or conference? A humanoid robot may be just what you’re looking for.

Whilst colourful banner stands and branded freebies such as sweets, pens, and t-shirts have been conference staples for years now, they are starting to lose their novelty value amongst delegates. Robot hire is a sure-fire way to attract pundits to your stand, exhibition or lecture. Here are a few fantastic ways to make the most of a hired robot at your next event:

Interact with visitors in a novel way

Even the most technologically savvy delegates are unlikely to interact with robots on a daily basis. In this way, a robot is likely to attract a high volume of pundits interested in learning more about your humanoid friend.

What’s more, your robot will be able to entertain them by dancing, singing, and giving out information about your products and services. It may be a tough pill to swallow, but visitors are more likely to remember information they have learned from a robot than from even the most charismatic of humans!

Capture data and collect feedback on your services

Most humanoid robots are able to collect data about the types of people visiting your organisation’s stand and collect feedback on your services via an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. This eliminates the need for humans to do so, freeing up you and your colleagues to network and chat to customers about your business’s up and coming projects. Indeed, pundits may also be more willing to give honest feedback to a robot, ensuring that your data is accurate and useful going forward.

Introduce keynote speakers

A humanoid robot has the ability to introduce keynote speakers in a way that is both novel and entertaining for pundits. Businesses within the technology industries may also choose to use the robot onstage, demonstrating its capabilities in a way that marks the organisation out as an early adopter of cutting-edge technology.

Deliver a keynote speech

Some organisations may choose to go a step further and use a robot as a keynote speaker. There are a few advantages to this, in that it ensures the speech is the correct length and eliminates any possible slip-ups that come with on-stage nerves. The robot will also be able to autonomously switch PowerPoint slides and take an active role in Q&A sessions. What’s more, people are likely to listen more attentively to a robot!

If you’re interested in robot hire for conferences or exhibitions, get in touch with us today.

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