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Why robots are the future of corporate events.

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Corporate events can be stressful as a manager, and the last thing you need is to be wondering whether your customers or clients are receiving the best possible service. But what if you had the perfect team member that was programmed to deliver the best customer service without fault? Our Sanbot model is the perfect solution to this problem, and here’s why we think robot technology is the future of running and delivering a corporate event.

1. Impress Your Customers.

Robots are still a relatively new technology, and so welcoming your guests with Sanbot will make the experience exciting, novel, and most of all, impress them. We pride our Sanbot on its ability to interact with people, due to its application programming interface (API) that allows the robot’s AI capabilities to deliver interactive services that are tailored to individual customer satisfaction. Your clientele and business associates will know that you are a forward thinking and innovative company with a swanky new robot on your events team.

2. Efficiency.

If you hire a robot then the efficiency of your event and its smooth running are more guaranteed than with a standard hospitality team. As a manager or business owner, your priority at an event should be ensuring that you are taking as many business opportunities as possible. With a Sanbot, you can forget about the hospitality and focus on what’s important- the success of your event and your business.

3. Enjoy yourself.

Most of all a robot at your event can help you enjoy yourself. Knowing that your event is in the hands of new and well-tested technology helps you relax, mingle, and ultimately enjoy the fruits of your labours.

We believe that robot technology is the future of corporate business events. Whether you’re looking for a robot waitress, assistant or photographer, we have a model that can fulfil the needs of your business event. Not convinced? Contact a member of our team for full details on which model is best suited to your business’s needs. Make sure you make the most of this exciting new technology and hire a robot for your next corporate event.


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