Launch of pioneering event photography robot “Eva”

Posted By: is delighted to announce the launch of its new photography robot, Eva. This unobtrusive and humanoid-style robot is ideal for event and function photography, and offers a variety of useful interactions. The robot navigates easily and quickly around any interior and goes up to guests asking if they would like their photo taken.

A spokesperson for said: “We’re absolutely delighted to launch the first ever photography robot called Eva and feel it will prove to be a real hit at a range of different events. Anyone wanting to organise an event with a real WOW factor will discover the Eva robot makes an impact.” offer robot hire for a variety of purposes, including entertainment, reception duties and photography. The robot’s conversational exchanges can be customised to suit a number of needs, which can include a company logo and specific greetings, and also a variety of chatting logo tracks. It also possesses a wide professional knowledge database within its specialist service sector of photography. The robot features an integrated touchscreen and is enabled for text messaging and social media posts.

The Eva photography robot is just under five foot tall, and measures 650mm x 560mm x 1500mm. The robot features a 23.8-inch touchscreen which is easy to use. It utilises facial recognition and has 30 unique software programmes to enable speedy adaptation to any form of environment. The Eva robot is fitted with infrared sensors to enable the most precise navigation and obstacle avoidance indoors and also has a Smart map building feature.

It is felt the robot will excel in the arena of event photography of any kind. The Eva robot can be left to roam around rooms or venues and utilises facial recognition techniques to latch onto guests, at which point it asks to take their photograph. Hiring the photography robot for events will prove a talking point for months.

All photographs snapped by the Eva robot are uploaded to the cloud platform, making it easy to share them immediately via smartphones and devices. It is also possible to print photos off during the course of events using the print station supplied. Customers can opt for customised print station branding, if required.

Eva photography robot hire is available from Alternatively the robot can be purchased, if preferred ( A variety of other service robots are also available, and details are supplied on the website




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