5 advantages of using the Eva photo robot at family events

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At any social event it’s often important to capture memorable moments, whether this is achieved by taking pictures or recording videos. However, this process can be made more efficient by using an Eva photo robot. Robotic automation has made photography easier than ever before, so let’s take a closer look at the benefits of using an Eva photo robot.

1. Improved efficiency

Eva photo robots can move around the room taking pictures, before printing them for guests to take home. This process is carried out by a robot much quicker than a human photographer, and Eva uses infrared sensors to achieve precise indoor navigation and avoid obstacles.

2. They can work for longer

The Eva robot can also work for much longer durations than human photographers, as it is capable of operating 24/7 without the need for breaks. This also makes it more reliable, reducing the potential of unexpected emergencies or delays which often can’t be avoided when you hire a human photographer.

3. Improved accuracy

Eva robots follow specific commands which enable them to perform more time-consuming tasks with ease. Speed and time can be adjusted to meet user preferences, and they can also work without being affected by factors that impact human photographers, such as sickness and weather.

4. It can be customised

Users can customise the large 23.8 inch touchscreen, uploading videos or altering greetings. This is perfect for family events or even weddings, where you can display the names of the happy couple as well as the date of the wedding.

5. You don’t need a photo booth!

Eva can serve in a capacity which is usually reserved for photo booths, except this photo booth comes to guests instead. Part of Eva’s appeal lies in its ability to interact with guests. Additionally, once guests have approved an image taken by Eva, it can be emailed, texted, or shared to social media.

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