Robot Hire as a Business

Robot Hire as a business

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Novelty entertainment is an absolute essential at celebrations of many different types. From weddings and birthday parties through to team-building events, corporate dinners and fund-raisers, having a feature or entertainment that’s a little different and exciting is always an advantage. If you thought a chocolate fountain or a photobooth was the way to go, you’re behind the times! A fast-growing, innovative novelty that event organisers can’t get enough of,  robot hire is taking the world of corporate entertainment by storm.

A robot suitable for every occasion!

Contemporary robots are sophisticated, hi-tech creations that are able to interact with guests to add value to any event. There are a number of different types of robot available. Some of the most popular choices are:

A waitress robot: let your guests be waited on in style by a chic, fully mobile waitress robot.

A photography robot: an enormous step-up from a photobooth, a photo robot is able to recognise when people in the room are taking pictures. They are able to take pictures themselves, or arrive just in time to be an engaging addition to anyone’s selfie. Robot photography is a great chance to provide guests with a permanent reminder of a happy occasion – creating memories at the same time as offering excellent entertainment.

An information robot: ideal for circulating key messages to guests, these moving robots are great little communicators. Ideal for use as mobile advertisements in a corporate setting, they can also carry vital guest information such as the order of ceremony, menu or similar need-to-know data.

Business opportunities in robot hire

If you’re looking for a fresh business opportunity that’s fun, flexible and potentially extremely lucrative, getting into the robot hire business could be the perfect solution. Currently, there aren’t that many robot hire firms out there, which means there is relatively little competition. With the companies currently up and running charging somewhere between £500 and £750 to hire a single robot for four hours, it’s clear that there is the potential to make a healthy profit.

Effortless and entertaining

Robot entertainment isn’t just a great potential source of income, it’s also easy to supply and fun to provide. Most robots will fit into a standard hatchback car, so there’s no need to splash out on a van or similar. Once operators are familiar with the robots, they can usually be set up in 20 minutes or less. Aside from providing some sundries to ensure the robots perform correctly (for example paper), there are few other overheads, optimising your profit margin.

It’s likely that robots as a source of party entertainment are likely to grow in popularity as time goes on. With new robots coming on stream all the time, it’s possible to constantly update your selection, ensuring your clients always have something fresh to entertain them when they turn to you for celebration inspiration! With so many benefits and potential rewards, robot hire is an excellent business opportunity. Why not give it a try and discover for yourself the opportunities which robot hire can bring?


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