Wow Your Guests At You Event With Eva Photo Robot.

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Robot Math’s Tutors and even Robot Police Dogs although in their infancy are soon to become reality and for many the norm.  There are many more Robots at work in places we are not even aware of and for many within 5 years, there will be a working Robot in some form within the home whether that be to cook the evening meal or do the hoovering.


Eva Photography Robot Is fast taking off as the next generation Photographer at your Wedding or event and for many the novel idea of having a Eva Photo Robot not only gives you all the functions that a photo booth would but it will also interact with your guests, ask them if they would like to take a photograph and allow your guests to share or print the photographs.


Eva Photo Robot has text messaging and social media enabled and is totally autonomous whilst roaming around your event and interacting with your guests. The screen can be customized with Video’s, Logo’s or customized greetings.  The Eva Photo Robot is fully equipped with infrared sensors to achieve precise indoor navigation and obstacle avoidance.


Photo booths are still extremely popular and with the advances in technology and software, they now offer a unique experience for any Wedding or event but the Eva Photo Robot can add just that little bit more and by interacting with your guests autonomously, it not only provides brilliant photographs but she will entertain your guests giving you something unique for your special day.






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