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Led by a team of engineers, Servicerobots.com is making dents in the AI industry.

Based in the UK, this expert team launched the first Photography Robot. A mobile interactive photo booth, the Photography Robot launched in April 2019. With social media connectivity and a user-friendly intuitive interface, the Eva Photography Robot can also be connected to print stations.

Since launching the Photo Robot, the team has doubled in size whilst reaching award-winning status. The demand for service robots is growing. The industry is competitive, and Servicerobots.com is proud to have won the 2019 Artificial Intelligence Award. This highly coveted award is a reflection of the company’s success.

Tim Warrington, CEO of Service Robots, is excited about industry growth: “We were mainly focused on supplying service robots to UK hotels and restaurants. Now, demand is coming from people that want to buy their own to rent out. We’ve sold our robots in the USA, Australia, Europe and Nigeria.”

Tim believes that there are even more amazing things to come. He values the award, and is excited to see how robots change the way we live and work: “Robot hire will be the next big thing in events. This is fresh and new, with robots that are easy to operate.”

With the demand for service robots increasing by the year, Tim’s company has just one way to go. From their Artificial Intelligence Award, they’ll continue further to become the big name in robots at events.

Further success is not far away for ServiceRobots.com. This growing industry provides endless opportunities, bringing technology to life in new ways. And, it all started with the Eva roaming robot that features photography technologies. Tim celebrates the important part that these robots have to play in events: “Photobooths have always been popular additions to events, though they once had to stay in one place. We see these traditional booths being overtaken by the easier, more fun and attention-grabbing features of our robot photographers.”

If you’re planning an event, a robot photobooth is an addition that’s both practical and fun. The Service Robots team is working hard to make AI more accessible for everyone.


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