How robots are revolutionising the retail industry

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These days, it’s becoming more and more common for major retailers to use bots as a quick warehouse cleanup tool. With human employees veering away from tedious and repetitive work such as sorting and locating products, and robots offering greater speed and efficiency than humans, pick and place industrial robots serve as the perfect solution.

On top of that, as technology improves, many retail companies in big cities have started using robots inside their actual stores. Bots are helpful in more ways than one, and the argument that they take job opportunities away from humans is losing favour as these robots take on the tiring and boring tasks that most workers refuse to do. Bots finish the task with no complaints much faster than a human would, and the result is consistently stocked shelves. Alongside benefiting the business and its employees, this increased productivity also makes life better for customers. With robots ensuring everything is well stocked and in its place, customers can find every product that they want to buy on the shelves with ease.

Other than scanning products, bots are also being used to find different hazards on retail floors. One example of such a hazard is smashed food jars in the aisles. These spills present a serious slip hazard where customers could not only fall but also get cut by broken shards of glass. Bots used to prevent such accidents are equipped with a number of cameras that work in conjunction with AI to find these safety hazards and then warn customers to steer clear.

Simple but crucial tasks like locating out of stock products, rearranging misplaced products, rechecking prices through shelves, and alerting customers to fall hazards are all very important to every retail stores. It’s also necessary for these tasks to be performed as fast as possible so they don’t impact customers’ shopping experiences, but still maintaining the precision necessary for a job well done. Thus, robots are the best solution for the job.

Since today’s technology and design creates robots that look much more customer-friendly and interactive, it’s no surprise that the retail industry is adopting them as a vital part of improving customer experience and boosting store success.


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