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Robots are making big waves in the modern world and robot bartenders for hire are one of the most creative examples of this. If you need a cutting-edge and unique way to make your business or next event stand out, hiring a robot bar or robot bartender is a great idea. We have the best in robotic bartender technology for you to hire out and you are sure to love what they bring to the table.

What do our robot bars and bartenders offer?

When you decide upon robot hire from us, your next event will become an instant hit with guests. Our robots will take drink orders, create great tasting cocktails and serve them to your guests. They do everything a human bar worker would but with much more pizazz and theatre. The next-gen tech our bartenders include means they will interact with guests as they serve drinks and also avoid bumping into them as they go. Facial recognition tech means our robots remember who ordered what so there are no mix-ups.

When could you use a robot bartender or bar?

The simple fact is that there is a wide range of uses for these robots. It might be a birthday party or anniversary bash for family and friends that you are putting on, for example. Hiring our robot bartenders for an event like this will give it extra fun and make everyone remember it. It is not only private parties that our robot bars come in handy for though.

They are great at corporate events or product launches where they will really turn heads and get people talking about your business. The awesome thing about using a unique solution like this at your business event is that guests will start putting photos and messages on social media about what they are seeing. This will give your event a real buzz and help market your company in an organic, word of mouth way. Being associated with high-end tech will also push your brand image up a couple of levels in the eyes of the public.

Lastly, these machines are perfect to use in day to day activities for many companies. Restaurants or hotels, for example, are beginning to use them now to serve drinks and interact with guests. This not only gives people an excuse to come into your establishment but also gives it extra sparkle when they do.

Get in touch today to hire a robot bar or bartender

If you have a private party or corporate event coming up which needs a unique feature to impress guests with, get in touch today. Our robotic bars and bartenders are sure to hit the mark and make your event one to remember for all the right reasons. Even if you need one to work on a more permanent basis in your business, we can hire one for the long term. Contact us today for more details on hiring a robot bartenderrobot bartenderrobot bartender.


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