Robot Hire

How robots can support your business

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The thought of a robot inside the workplace can instil fear in even the most technologically minded of people. But it doesn’t have to be scary. Technology has come a long way from the early days when robots were incompetent and unable to complete tasks. Now, however, hiring a robot offers a wealth of business opportunities – from improving customer satisfaction and staff happiness to saving money through the completion of tasks such as taking photographs, acting as tour guides, taking orders, and providing useful advice. So, how can robot hire help your business to grow?


Keeping staff happy should be the priority of any business, and robots can be a great addition to a support network. Staff who are passionate about their work are more likely to build better customer relationships, work more efficiently, and overall help your business to continue to grow. A hired robot can allow you to track and see how your employees are feeling and the reasons why they might not be performing as well as expected. Taking surveys from employees can identify any weaknesses and causes of concern within the business. Maybe a relationship between a team member and their supervisor isn’t working as well as expected. Robots can also offer support and encouragement; whether it by easing the workload or by collecting employee feedback, robots can be utilised in a number of ways.

Assisting with tasks

A hired robot is also a great way to reduce labour costs. You could employ agency workers to fulfil a role, but then there’s the risk a worker might be unreliable or might not perform well. A hired robot can act as a personal assistant, helping to deliver goods or other forms of information by hand both accurately and efficiently thanks to their fitted intelligence radar system and an integrated anti-collision system. The peanut robot series can also assist with catering, without causing a disturbance. These are great for high pressured environments where a worker might easily feel overwhelmed and mistakes can happen. An example could be inside a noisy office space. Unlike using human workers, they can also work consistently for long periods without requiring rest.

Efficiency for visitors

If you’re expecting a large number of visitors signing in at different times of the day, hiring a robot can be a more efficient and cheaper method of meeting and greeting. Meeting a hired robot can be less intimidating to communicate with, especially for those who struggle with anxiety issues. Thanks to facial recognition technology, a hired robot can quickly sign in any essential guests and the communication be tailored to the type of customer your business attracts so you can use the perfect approach each time, whether in a formal or informal setting. Robots can also be programmed to entertain guests; whether it’s through voice, or the movement of the robot’s arms in sync with a song, helping to reduce stress before meetings. Impressing a guest could be the difference between winning or losing a new business contract.

Robots can be a great asset to your business. So, wherever your business is positioned, a hired robot can help you to support and motivate employees, welcome customers, and get important information to the right employees quickly and effectively help your business to keep moving forward in the right direction.