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PEANUT intelligent transporting robots

PEANUT intelligent transporting robots operate in indoor environment, suitable to apply in the public indoor field such as restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, shopping malls, casinos, hospitals, cinemas and business offices, etc.

Currently the products described in this specification divided into T1 and T2 two models. Thereinto, T1 is delivery service robot, T2 is express delivery service robot with bigger size. T1 and T2 have same hardware configuration, but different software depending on application scene. The software operating introduce of this specification mainly described as T1.


  • Accurate Delivery
  • Autonomous navigation and positioning
  • Mapping and path planning
  • Automatic obstacle avoidance
  • Long Working Hours
  • Reduced laborer costs
  • Eye Catching
  • Increase in customer interaction
  • Increase in productivity

PEANUT intelligent transporting robots realise the core technics such as self reposition navigation, intelligent obstacle avoidance though machine depth perceptions and laser radar, ability to complete delivery missions in indoor fields, and able to implant intelligent interaction with people. It can be used to delivery dishes in restaurant, transmit office documents and express delivery dispatching, etc.

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