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The world of robotics is advancing at a consistent rate – technology is progressing to the point where robots offer a range of practical services for a wide variety of businesses. Traditionally, robotics has been seen as a useful, but cost prohibitive, addition to a business – but this is no longer true!

Our service robots are suitable for a number of different applications, making them the ideal addition for your business.

Our robots

Depending on your business, and your needs, we’re guaranteed to have the right robot for you. Take, for example, the Eva Photography robot – this roaming robot can recognise guests and customers at your event, and at the touch of a button can provide photographs. There’s also the Amy Plus Information robot, who can roam and display customisable information unique to you – whether it’s help and assistance or general promotional content, to truly enhance your business hospitality.

Our robot waitress continues the trend of innovation and practicality in robotics, and provides a genuinely useful service for any function. Whether it’s for serving guests and customers drinks and free snacks, or providing a warm welcome on arrival, your business is guaranteed to benefit. Robotics can also be used and applied in general promotions – whether it’s as a part of a window display or for use at trade events, expos, and shows. There are few more effective ways to capture attention and captivate potential customers and clients.

Why should your business hire robots?

Robotics has always been known to be highly useful, but costs have traditionally been the main barrier. The technology is progressing to the point where the cost is continually falling, as robotics become wider understood and implemented. But, outright purchase can still be a considerable investment – which is why hiring makes so much sense.

When you hire one of our robots, you can enjoy the benefits without the associated running and purchase costs. You can use the robot for a single event, or rent it as a fixture of your business on an ongoing basis – you have all of the control, with none of the drawbacks of ownership.

This means the robotics are even more affordable than ever. This practical and useful technology is the ideal fit for your business, and you no longer need to invest the money required for purchase to enjoy it. Simply take advantage of our generous and bespoke robot hire packages.

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