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Who should buy a robot waiter?

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Useful and interactive technology is in demand in various areas of life. For example, a robot waitress or waitor will become an indispensable attribute of a secular party, an important event or a large institution where the service should be top notch. However, a robot waiter will always take the menu to your customers in a polite way. Hiring a robot waiter will take your business to the next level.

Features of a robot waiter.

• A microphone, a speaker, and an ultra-sensitive sensor that help it to move freely around the room as it takes orders.

• An elastic lift that allows the cyborg to hold the tray tightly at 90 degrees.

• An onboard Intel Atom PC, with the ability to remotely control and adjust the operations of the device.

Robot waiters are in demand in various business areas. However, hiring a robot waiter will give the following business owners exclusive prosperity.

• Restaurant owners.

The smart waiter will politely greet guests, help them with choosing a table, provide a menu and pay attention to new items or great deals from the chef. If necessary, the robot can maintain a simple dialogue with your client. All these are made possible with the use of built-in ultra sensors, a microphone and a speaker system. Also, the robot is equipped with a tray holding system that allows the system to bring any food without spilling or scattering. The model brings everything on time without damage to dishes, accessories or exhibits. It is a beneficial technological advancement for any restaurant business.

• Cafe owners.

The interactive cyborgs will increase your cafe business awareness and help in improving your customer service quality. Your customers will also enjoy interacting with these intelligent robot waiters, and as a result, attract more visitors into your business.

• Major show organisers

Robot waiters are an indispensable assistant in the exhibition galleries and major shows. They have an up to 8 hours battery that takes only two hours to be fully charged. This technology provides comfort during large – scale events. Acquiring a robot waiter will significantly improve your establishment.


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