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The Rise Of Security Robots

Security Robots are slowly becoming a more common site in places such as Shopping Centre’s, offices, public and outdoor spaces. These are often seen as a replacement for humans but rather than be a replacement for humans they are being used to enhance security and efficiently collect Data. They are able to collect Data more […]

The Rise Of RaaS Robots As A Service.

In enterprise,  Robots have been mainly streamlined to manufacturing and many of these Robots are used in specific areas within a business to automate processes such as repetitive tasks which often take several members of staff. This greatly speeds up production,  creates safety within the work place and increases revenue.   Robots as a service […]

Disinfectant Robots-The Latest Infection Prevention.

Disinfectant Robots also commonly known as UV Robots have been commonly used in settings such as Hospitals and Care Homes to effectively clean and for infection prevention. With the global pandemic involving Covid-19 disinfectant Robots have become in high demand.   UV Sterilization Robots use a specific UV Light that kills Germs, Pathogens and bacteria […]

Disinfection Robots can Halt The Spread Of Infectious Disease In hospitals.

Robots that can disinfect hospitals could be extremely effective in fighting infections in healthcare settings and could slow the spread of the coronavirus. The BBC report that demand has soared for the automated devices which have been developed to kill viruses, bacteria and other harmful microbes. The autonomous Disinfectant robots are fitted with powerful UV-C […]

Coronavirus And UVC Disinfectant Robots

There is a lot of information on the internet concerning the effectiveness of UV in the fight against Covid-19. Sunlight contains two types of UV, the first being UVA which can penetrate deep into your skin. This part of UV can be particularly dangerous and is considered responsible for the ageing effects on the skin. […]

How Service Robots Are Transforming Enterprise.

The market for Service Robots is growing significantly, this is largely due to market readiness, advancement in technologies, cost and availability and delivered value. Businesses are understanding more how Robots can help increase productivity and efficiency and increase safety. The major leap forward in the service Robots Market has been the technology, the service Robot […]

How robotic Restaurants Will Be The Future.

Robot Automation within factories has increased steadily over the last five years and is set to continue but the real rise has been in the service Robot Industry.  The global Robotics market is expected to attain an estimated value of 147.26 Billion.  Organisations worldwide are realizing the potential and are investing heavily in the service […]

Massive Growth In Mobile Robots.

ABI Research has predicted that the robotics Industry is set for seismic change and of the 8 million Robots forecast to be shipped by 2030, 6 million will be mobile.   The robotics Market is set to transform over the next 10 years with enormous growth across all sub-sectors with an estimated market value of […]