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ServiceRobots.com Winners Of The Lloyds Artificial Intelligence business Award.

ServiceRobots.com have worked within the service Robots industry for 6 years, supplying service Robots within the UK and worldwide. Service Robots include Amy Waitress, Dexter delivery Robots and Amy Photography Robots. The Company had done exceedingly well within the Robotics market and a great start to 2020 but like many Companies this year, struggled to […]

The Rise Of Service Robots.

In the past Robots have purposely been kept separate from humans but Robots are now increasingly sharing our workspaces with great success.   Amazon is just one example of where up to 200,000 Robot pickers work alongside hundreds of thousands of Human staff.   In the hospitality Industry, technology is taking on a new role with […]

Robot Technology In The Restaurant Industry

From Chatbots to Robot Assistants, the hospitality Industry is making real use of Robots and many more establishments are recognizing the benefits of using Robots within different departments of both their Hotels and Restaurant departments.   Manufacturing Industries are also starting to realize the benefits of Robots within many areas of their businesses and the […]

Start A Robot Hire Business.

The Robot hire market is increasing rapidly and there are many avenues for starting your own thriving business. With the Current climate still posing problems within many industries, most notably the Hospitality Industry, Robots are certainly proving their worth. There are many different business models to become involved with and below are just a few […]

A Great Moment For food Delivery Robots.

Delivery Robots are being used in more ways than one in both Restaurants and Pubs across the World.  The recent pandemic has changed things considerably and many believe that Restaurants will be every different places as far as food delivery is concerned in the future.   Many Restaurants are employing the use of  Robots to […]