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Why A Recession Can Be A Good Time To Start A Business

Many industries have been affected by the recent Pandemic, most notably the events Industry, Restaurants and Pubs. Many are getting ready to reopen and the guidelines change daily concerning social distancing and measures that have to be in place to enable staff and guests to be safe for the next few months.   Whilst many […]

Robot Bartenders, Waiters Surge In Demand In Pandemic

Bars and restaurants around the world are calling in highly, if artificially, intelligent mixologists and servers to help maintain social distancing and potentially curb the spread of disease.  CEO Tim Warrington told Unfiltered. The British manufacturer has been making service robots for six years, Read Full Article.  Robot Bartenders Waiters surge in demand in pandemic    

Robots Are Being Used To Work Alongside Humans

As Technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence have increased, there has always been a general misconception that Robots will take over as many as half the jobs within the UK. Today we see increased amounts of robots being shipped all over the world and in 2017 alone there was an estimated 450,000 Robots […]