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New AI Award Winner

Led by a team of engineers, Servicerobots.com is making dents in the AI industry. Based in the UK, this expert team launched the first Photography Robot. A mobile interactive photo booth, the Photography Robot launched in April 2019. With social media connectivity and a user-friendly intuitive interface, the Eva Photography Robot can also be connected […]

Introducing UK’s Largest Supplier Of Robots For The Entertainment Industry.

ServiceRobots.com is a leading provider when offering and developing new and unique machines including service Robots.  The Eva Photo Robot and the Amy Waitress are both ideal for Weddings and Events with the Eva Waitress being particularly popular in venue’s such as Airports and Restaurants.   Additionally servicerobots.com also provide the Humanoid Robot which has […]

The Eva Photobooth Robot

If you have an existing Photo Booth or Magic Mirror business and are looking for something a little different to add to your business, why not purchase the Eva Photo Robot. The Eva Photo Robot will roam autonomously and interact with your guests as well as taking Photo’s and giving your guests the option to […]

Make an impact with a robot tour guide

The Smithsonian in Washington, DC has already been making waves with its robot tour guide. Pepper the robot has been taking visitors on guided tours around the Smithsonian Institute, and the public loves the experience. It’s a 4-foot-tall humanoid robot that can interact with museum visitors and give insight into its many exhibits. The Smithsonian […]

A photography robot will take your event to the next level

Finding the perfect photographer can be tough for any sort of event. Having to find someone who has the same vision you do, who will get the images to you in a timely manner without any kind of delay seems almost impossible. But photography robots change all of that. Whether it’s a wedding, product launch, […]