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How can you make your party, product launch or business conference memorable and magical? Technology has provided the perfect answer. The best events in the coming months will feature robots!

It sounds like something from science fiction. However, it is now possible (and affordable) to hire service robots for parties and other gatherings. As it is something new and exciting, it makes photo booths and other gimmicks look like something from the Dark Ages!

Having an Artificial Intelligence-driven robot strutting their stuff at your event has instant wow-factor and is a great talking point too.

For corporate event organisers, using service robots can have a lasting impact. If you’re building your client’s reputation for being technologically-advanced, what could be better than having service robots moving around during your business conference or sales presentation?

For private celebrations such as special birthdays – or even for wedding receptions – hiring service robots is a wonderful surprise for guests.

Working, as they win friends and influence people

Apart from the novelty appeal of party and event service robots, what other advantages do they offer?

Well, they are a great way to entertain your guests for a start. Service robots can be programmed to provide guests with an interactive show, that can include special messages and announcements. Walkaround robots mingle with partygoers and event delegates, talking, shaking hands and generally interacting to break the ice.

As they are service robots, they can carry trays of food and party favours around too. Imagine having your business cards or product samples handed to guests by a smart and efficient robot “staff member”.

Does your event include a demonstration of some kind, such as trade show stall? Why have a human preparing food, showing off a new device or putting together a prototype? A service robot can do that with unfailing consistently as well as drawing a crowd.

Depending on the event type, you may even want your service robot programmed to clean up a bit as it “works the room”!

Are you organising an outdoor event or party, and looking for novel ideas? It is possible to still book service robots, as models have been developed to handle relatively rugged terrain and to work around a variety of obstacles.

About to become big on the party circuit

Event and party planners need to get in quick, to keep ahead of this fast-moving technological trend. Professional service robots, in general, are starting to become big news, and it is projected that by 2021 this market will reach $37 Billion!

So, if you don’t hire a service robot for your event, someone else you know will beat you to it! So get in touch for prices and details soon.


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