Service Robot Industry to Increase By 45% between 2020-2022

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The Service robots sector has been growing considerably since 2018 and is set to continue. The sales value of Service Robots is estimated to increase by 45% per year between 2020 – 2022. It is estimated that the market value will be worth 38 Billion by 2022.

The demand and utilization of commercial service Robots are increasing largely due to rising living standards, agriculture, high applications in the military, Food Services, Restaurants and hotels.

There has been a huge increase in the amount of establishments considering and installing Service robots within their premises. Many restaurants are now purchasing and hiring Robot Waitress to deliver food and drinks in their establishments which not only adds the wow factor to the dining experience but also allows staff to interact with the guests more on a personal level.

Food Delivery Robots are also increasing in many restaurants where they will be used to deliver food to tables, take orders and interact with guests. Many of the service Robots use a cloud brained system for information and processing such as map management. The Dish delivery Robots are mapped by room, this ensures they can follow a guided path, avoiding obstacles as they go. The Robots will perceive the real time environmental changes around it and avoid obstacles in its path as well as autonomously selecting the best route back.

The Robots can be branded with Company Logo’s and display Menu’s on their screens. Both the food delivery Robots and the Robot Waitress are becoming increasingly popular in Restaurants as they prepare to reopen after the recent pandemic. The Robots limit the amount of staff needed on the floor whilst at the same time offering a unique experience for guests.

As the service Robot industry continues to grow, more restaurants will hire and purchase them to use within their establishments. The North American Market is estimated to have the largest share of delivery Robots with millions of dollars already invested in Robotics projects.


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