Robot Chassis | Build a Fully Autonomous Robot

Robot Chassis

· Robot Chassis to learn how to build a Full autonomous Robot, Capable of 100Kg carry weight

· All circuit Boards Made in Great Britain

· All software supported by 2 years 24/7 support with call centre in Great Britain

· Robot Chassis Components all manufactured in Great Britain

Our Robot Chassis all built in the UK and with 2 years parts warranty. The Robot chassis is ideal for buying and building your own Mobile Robot. The robot chassis comes with all the relevant software API and SDKs to enable you to communicate with the robot. The robot software also comes with a navigation App built on android and with a really smart GUI System you can learn how to map out a room and set the robot to roam.

The Robot Chassis can be delivered in parts with full assembly instructions or can be delivered fully setup.

If you would like more details on our robot chassis for universities and schools or commercial please let email below.

University and educational Discounts available.

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