The Rise Of Service Robots

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Service Robots have slowly been seeping into the market over the last few years and the recent pandemic has only increased the awareness of their usefulness, especially in the entertainment and hospitality sectors.


There has been particular uptake of service Robots in Restaurants where they are being used to deliver food and drinks, return plates and glasses to the bar and of course enhance the customer experience. All of this is very useful as Restaurant owners tackle the problem of social distancing when premises open once more to the public.


Amongst the popular service Robots are the ones that have excellent navigational skills, meaning they are able to navigate a set path in a restaurant, take food orders, advertise menu’s and interact with guests. All of this has been made possible of course through the advancement and improvements in A1 Technology, allowing virtual bots to turn customer service into self- service.


The theory that service Robots are replacing humans has been a long standing debate but recent developments are showing that rather than replace humans, these bots are working alongside humans to enhance customer experience, improve service and avoid errors.


Other bots popular and being used within the hospitality industry include delivery Robots that carry out the very specific task of delivering customer orders.  The very precise way these bots can and do deliver food and drinks means other staff can be directed to front of house and more customer facing environments providing an overall excellent service.


We will all be hoping to get back to some sense of normality soon where we can go out and enjoy a meal with family and friends but we all know we will be living in a new norm. Restaurant owners and businesses within the hospitality sector will need to think outside of the box to ensure customers and staff both feel safe whilst being able to offer and provide the absolute best service they can.


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